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Major Announcement


I plan to still do a video at some point but this will have to do for now.  I'm no longer accepting any leather commisions at all.  My health has taken a serious down turn which is why everything has been slow from me.  I'll get into more detail eventually, maybe a live video or something, but for right now my close friends and family know what it going on and they have watched me struggle over the past few years.  I'm finally calling it and making the change I need.


Below you will find a few links to partners, and friends, that I have made to help everyone out.  Feel free to contact any of them as they will take good care of your belt and pouch needs.  I'm not trying to exclude anyone so if you are one of the makers I talk with regularly and you want to be included in the links, get in contact with me and lets work out the details.

A Tom Rehn is a good friend who I turned the Jedi Belt stuff over to a while back
Kyle Detrick and I have been working close for a while now.  He is a very talented individual who makes some outstanding pieces.  He currently is working on a website, so the link will take you to Facebook. 
Covertec Clips

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