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LS Series ESB/ROTJ Buckle - Version 2!


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Greetings All

Update 7/8/17

I am closing the list as there is not enough interest to move forward with the run. You can still get a buckle by going to my etsy page and ordering one of the prototypes I had made. This is now a LIMITED version of only 24 pieces. I may make more in the future if the demand is high enough. I am also looking at bringing back my lower priced V1 buckle, however that will be late this year or into next year.


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Here is the OFFICIAL opening of the new Luke Buckles. This has been long overdue. This is NOT a order yet, this is simply a Information Gathering/Sign Up list. I need to see how many of you actually want in before I pull the trigger and get these going. A couple things first:


1 - These are being made by Aaron over at Solo's Hold, so quality is second to none, you will not be disappointed

2 - These will come in a brushed finish as seen in the above image and the close up gallery.  I am not polishing these as I did the Version 1

3 - These are coming in 'Kit' Form, please be sure to check below for what you are getting


Each Kit will include:

1 Buckle Blank

1 Backing Plate

1 Belt Ring

3 Screws to attach Backing Plate to Buckle Blank

1 Allen Key to fit above screws

1 small tube of Loctite for the screws


Pricing is the big thing that has held me up, these are not going to be as inexpensive as the V1 buckles.  These are precision CNC Machined, made in the USA by a highly skilled Master Craftsman, with certified USA Aluminum.  All that equates to a higher price tag.  I'm shooting to keep these as low as possible.  So, with all that said, pre-order pricing will be as follows:


Buckles will be $65 each pre-sale price going up to $75 after the pre-sale

If I can get 50 pre-sold, then I can get the price down to $60 each

If I can get 100 pre-sold I can get the price down to $55 each


The magic number is 50, that is what needs to be pre-sold for me to make this happen


To get on the pre-sale list, just send a email to me at luke_buckle@saberbelt.com

please be sure to let me know the quantity you are looking for as I can offer a little discount to anyone ordering more than 10 kits



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