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Belt Blanks


For the do-it yourself crowd, these are the same 6-7 ounce blanks I use for all my belts.  These will come without dye, straight cut from the hide. These are a much better alternative to the extra thick blanks you get from Tandy or other online merchants AND you can finish these however you would like.  These blanks measure approx 80-100 inches in length, so plenty of leather to make your belts.  Below are my standard setups for purchase:



Due to the increase in shipping by the USPS, I had to remove the Paypal Purchase Buttons on this item.  Pleasse contact me to order.  Shipping costs are $15 US and $70 International Flat Rate, meaning just like small items you can order as many as you want for 1 shipping rate.


22" Main Belt, 3/4" Accent Belt - $50


2" Main Belt, 1/2" Accent Belt - $50


2 1/4" Main Belt, 3/4" Accent Belt - $50


2 1/4" Main Belt, 1/2" Accent Belt - $50


2 1/2" Main Belt, 3/4" Accent Belt - $50


2 1/2" Main Belt, 1/2" Accent Belt - $50


Custom Belt Width - This ia a MINIMUM 5 BELT ORDER - please put specific width needed in notes with payment and I will make it happen for you - $50 Each, MINIMUM OF 5


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