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Update 10/22/15


Wow, it has been a crazy summer without any updates.  Well, here are a few to tide you over.


1st - Luke ESB/ROTJ Buckles are SOLD OUT.  Fear not, I have something working that should help bring them back into stock shortly.  Stay tuned for those details


2nd - The Katarn Belt is almost ready to be revealed onto the world.  I have the main belt basically done.  I have to finalize the holster, droid caller holder, and some small odds and ends


3rd - I'm about to start revamping the Luke V2 belt.  I'm not going to change the name on the series, just bring it in line to be more accurate AND more of a custom fit for the end costumer


4th - I'm kicking around doing my own version of the Luke ESB rig, I'm in the VERY early prototype stages, if I get past a few hurtles, I may move forward with it, only time will tell


I've got some new goodness coming, including Saberbelt Merchandise, stay tuned to the Facebook Page for more info as stuff happens


I set this site up using the TT Font 'Battlefield'.  To see the site as it was meant to be seen, please download the font HERE and install it into your FONT folder then close and restart your browser window.

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