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Update 3/1/15


Be sure you clear your cache and reload the site, there is some new goodness to be seen.


1st - Covertec Clips and Knobs are in stock.  The real deal, square bottom, accurate ones.  Just look left and you will see the link


2nd - Paypal purchase button and cart are now live.  This only applies to little items, not to belts.  Belts have to many variables and are to custom, those you still need to email me on.  This applies to both US AND INTERNATIONAL.  Go ahead, try it out if you are thinking of ordering some buckles and such


3rd - the next phase upgrade will happen right around, or shortly after, celebration.  Look for new Imperial Series Belts, Strike Series Belts, and the highly anticipated (well, by me anyway) return of the Old Hermit Series.


Lots of good stuff going on. Look for me to be at Megacon here in Orlando, FL in April, I might even have some giveaways if you find me




I set this site up using the TT Font 'Battlefield'.  To see the site as it was meant to be seen, please download the font HERE and install it into your FONT folder then close and restart your browser window.

Covertec Clips


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